Reasons Why Tinnitus is Getting Worse

No one wants to suffer from tinnitus. It is annoying and you keep hearing that buzzing sound in your ears that no one else does. You want to complain about the noise, but you look like a good since no one else hears what you hear.

For some people, it could be an episode that goes away after some time. However, it is not always the case. Some people suffer from tinnitus and over the next few days, the symptoms start getting worse. There are different factors that contribute to the worsening of the problem.

Loud noise

Exposure to loud noise is the possible reason why you hear ringing in your ears. If you keep yourself exposed to these noises, the problem could get worse.

It might be due to the nature of your work or because you regularly attend concerts. Either way, you need to protect yourself.

You can even skip these loud concerts until you fully recover. If you have no choice because you are exposed to noise for a living, the least that you could do is to wear headphones.


The problem might also be aggravated because of the medicines you take. Antibiotics, antidepressants and diuretics are among these drugs.

You need to check with your doctor if you have other health issues that require medication before you take them. Let your physician know that you experience buzzing in the ears to change the prescription that is safe for you.


Tinnitus could be psychological in nature, and stress is one of the reasons for its existence. You need to find ways to deal with stress.

You can meditate, exercise or take a break from work. Get a massage during the weekends or travel with your friends.

You might realize that the sounds start going away after you have managed your increasing stress levels.


You need to regularly remove earwax from your ears. Failure to do so could disrupt the way your auditory system works.

As such, it is important for you to gently remove the earwax. If it already starts piling up, you cannot remove the earwax alone.

You might have to ask your doctor to use a device that helps remove severe earwax buildup.

High blood pressure

When you have high blood pressure, you need to find a way to control it. The irregular flow of blood could be the reason why you are hearing those sounds.

If the increase in blood pressure affected the blood vessels around your ears, it could be the reason why your tinnitus is getting worse.

Alcohol and smoking

These vices could lead to various health issues apart from tinnitus. If possible, you need to let go of them.

Smoking can narrow your blood vessels and reduce the supply of oxygen in your ears. Alcohol can increase your blood pressure. Kick your bad habits away to start noticing changes.

You already know what could make tinnitus worse. You need to change your lifestyle and follow the advice of your physician.